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10 countries where you can make a lot of friends

Posted by admin on October 12, 2014
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Several countries are hail as friendliest countries in the world, where is the best place to meet with the native people, to have fun, to learn the language, to adapt on the new climate and to integrate into new environment.

This is the list of friendliest countries in the world made according to criteria of ability for making friendship with native population, learning the language, and the easiness to get adapt into the new environment.

10. Canada

Canada have small rate of criminal and big cultural diversity. Easy you can find what you are looking for, with great help from the native population. For the visitors Canada offers diversity of places where can be visited such as: Ontario can offer different experiences, visit the world-wide Niagara Falls, thousands of lakes and rivers. The capital city of Ontario, Toronto also can offer incredible attraction and events.

9. USA

United States of America is one of the most influential countries in the world. USA is relatively in a friendly mood toward tourists which is visited by the most and offers opportunities to experience different cultures in one place. USA is consisting of 50 states so the visitors have the biggest choice.

8. South Africa

South Africa offers a lot of things as culture and also as country where native population speak English language. Here the land is full of amazing and fascinating places activities and in South Africa you are meeting with smiles and warm welcome. For special celebration excepting the weddings they offer special accommodation. Mala Mala, Singita, the Mount Nelson and Twelve Apostles are luxury and the most famous hotels in the world.

7. Bermuda

If you want tropical vacation destination Bermuda is the right place. Bermuda island principally depend on tourism and that’s why people here learn it to be especially in a friendly mood and hospitable toward the visitors. Although, Bermuda has a lot to offer and would be suitable for the whole family. This island offers something for everyone, watching the sun-set on the beach, cave exploration and other excitement. Bermuda is divided into three separate towns because it is small country, and you need to separate only a few days to see each of them.

6. Australia

Australia is visited by 5 millions of tourists yearly. But this number grows because Australians know how to attract attention of the tourists and to make them come back again. There are a lot of things to be seen and experienced in Australia, especially for the sympathizers of wine. In South Australia is situated one of the oldest vineyards and every year has festival where culture food and wine can be sampled.

5. Bahrain

This country is situated close the western coast of the Persian Gulf. Tourism in this country gain ground and native population is wide open with the audience. You will be welcomed pleasantly, and you will have the chance to taste it all the aspects of life in this small country.

4. Thailand

As a tourist or looking for job, no matter Thailand is the real destination for those who want to meet new people new cultures and having fun in a different ways.

3. Malaysia

The cultures of Malaysia and Thailand are very similar, mentality of native population is open, and they want meeting new people, offering their help and easily can accept the tourist in their triviality.

2. Italy

Italy is situated in the Italian peninsula, and it is long country, shaped like boot. Every part in Italy offers different ways of attraction; we should not forget the islands Sicily and Sardinia which strike visitors with their natural beauty. Yearly, Italy attracts almost 40 million tourists. Italian people are very hospitable, referred to their Italian food, which is tasty and lure with the original recipe, but first of all with the irresistible taste.

1. Ireland

By the time Ireland become very popular and attractive tourist destination, with about 6 millions foreign visitors, yearly. As first selected country and as Vulcan origin country, Iceland hand around interesting fascinating and breath taking places, and also visitors can do a lot of activities such as: swimming in the sea, river-rafting , relaxing in thermal pools while watching, bird watching , mountain biking and a lot of other enjoyable things. Place where you can feel enjoyably, exciting and special.

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